Leader Synthese Tehnic ECL (ecleraj/lighting) l Renault

Employer: SalesConsulting
  • Engineering
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: Manager
  • nationwide
    Updated at: 21.03.2023
    Job remote: On-site
    Short company description

    Sales Consulting activates on the HR market since 1998, having a national coverage in several areas of expertise: recruiting and selection assessment center HR market mapping/due diligence projects, personnel leasing, payroll.

    Sales Consulting has 2 fully operational branches: Cluj-Napoca (also the head-office) and Bucharest.
    We are developing various projects (Recruitment, Training and Consultancy) in some of the most varied type of industries:
    - AUTOMOTIVE/PRODUCTION/ENGINEERING (Specialists and Middle & Top Management positions)
    - IT & C (C++, C#, .NET, Java, Linux etc)
    - FMCG (sales & purchasing positions; all levels)
    - PHARMA (all levels)


    Necessary profile:
    1-Technical expertise in ECL (ecleraj/lighting) perimeters
    2- Number of year of experience in the technical field : 10 years.
    3. At least 1 project management from upstream to serial life.
    4. High Leadership
    5. Expert level acknowledgements in the area of responsibility, proved with a continuous practice in the area of expertise or in related relevant fields
    6. Expertise in the areas of synthesis, design, validation, and numerical simulations

    Geographical area: Romania/ Turkey/ Morocco

    Action on: Upstream to serial life


    1. Technical expertise / solve technical issues and ensure no economical deviation on his scope, in all RTR/Dacia projects ; on 3 locations : Romania, Turkey, Morocco. He makes the reporting at project level 3/4/5 (CVE, Family leader, range VP) on complex technical subjects of his perimeter. Validate TGA on major parts of his perimeter, delegation of CDS. He decides quality opinion for project milestone on his area of expertise.
    2. Solve complex quality problems on serial life projects.
    3. Train the technical team to product and process design, and also to CAE tools.
    4. Work on innovations for Dacia brand in upstream phase. In a nutshell, he is the equivalent of experts + GSFA pilot of corporate.

    The technical synthesis leader will be 100% responsible for technical stakes of his perimeter for RTR projects, on which he will have total delegation.
    He will play an essential role for RTR technical mastery, necessary as
    1. Corporate has less experts available for RTx.
    2. He will provide better reactivity in local project, what RTR needs to respect schedule requirements.
    Stakes are: productivity on project, and also productivity in corporate (less support).