Material Planner TEF3

Employer: Bosch Romania
  • Engineering
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: 1 - 5 years of experience
  • Blaj
  • Updated at: 29.09.2022

    Company Description

    Let's turn visions into reality. At Bosch, we shape the future by inventing high-quality technologies and services that spark enthusiasm and enrich people's lives. Our areas of activity are every bit as diverse as our outstanding Bosch teams around the world. Their creativity is the key to innovation through connected living, mobility or industry. Our promise to our associates is rock-solid: we grow together, we enjoy our work, and we inspire each other. Join in and feel the difference.
    Every year, several thousands of young people on practical placements with Bosch experience daily work at first hand. With this long term internship opportunity they are actively integrated into projects and are fully incorporated in the daily work of one of the world's largest industrial corporations. The new specialist experience you gather will help you choose the future focus of your studies and the way you wish to launch your professional career. One thing is sure: Exciting and interesting tasks await you!


    • English language 
    • Finished technical studies 
    • Electrical knowledge
    • Mechanical Knowledge

    Additional Information

    #LikeABosch Benefits:  

    • Transport package - granted monthly for employees who have domicile more than 35 km away (according to Google Maps) compared to the location of Bosch Automotive SRL. 
    • Relocation package - one-time payment allocated for relocation expenses, equivalent to the gross salary for two months (applying taxes related), being considered in the calculation of the initial salary from employment. This one is required within 6 months of employment, physical proof of relocation
    • Electronic card for holiday vouchers
    • Electronic card for gift vouchers 
    • Spring bonus
    • Electronic card for meal vouchers 
    • 25 days off per year - the balance between personal life and the professional one is essential for us, therefore we offer you 25 vacation days / year.
    • Christmas gift vouchers for children
    • Recommendation bonus
    • First childbirth - a premium is granted by the company for the birth of a child.
    • Flexible schedule - 6 or 8 hours (time slot you must be in company: 09: 00-14: 00).
    • Performance bonus - we want to motivate you with a bonus for your individual performance.
    • Loyalty bonus - awarded as a one-time payment of 5 years, respectively 10 years of experience in the company.
    • Summer bonus 
    • Transport bonus
    • Bosch projects that take you out of your comfort zone - we work on projects from start to finish and we take full responsibility for the development of our products.
    • Opportunity to attend conferences - networking and exchanging ideas are an essential part of our professional life, so we invite you to attend local technical conferences and workshops.
    • Internal development programs - experts and leaders need to continuously develops. That's why we have programs within the company development for project managers, shift managers and experts.
    • Trainings and certifications - your professional development and is a priority for us, so we invite you to participate at national and international technical trainings and soft skills.
    • Language courses - a new language is the key to a new world and we encourage you to attend these language courses in the company.
    • Medical services - health is the priority for us, so we offer medical services in the factory premises, insurance medical consultation and consultations at the Medical Center.
    • The Living in Blaj program - being active helps with on-site performance therefore we offer discounts for sports activities: zumba, aerobics, pillates, gyms, tennis, basketball, volleyball.
    • Diversity and multicultural mentality - are represented over 10 different nationalities and several languages are spoken by our colleagues. Diversity Day is a special day dedicated to sharing diversity our cultural experiences.
    • Seniority Bonus - awarded for uninterrupted seniority from company as a permanent percentage (2% for 3-6 years old; 3% for 6-9 years old; 5%> for 9 years).
    Job Description

    •  Analyzes the need for spare parts according to the request from the maintenance and production department and ensures their availability;
    •  Initiates the process of ordering spare parts (new orders and repairs), based on the requests of maintenance and process engineers;
    •  Select the suppliers and check the suppliers' offers together with the maintenance engineers, the purchasing department (Ordering Center);
    •  Analyzes stock movements of spare parts and informs and discusses with the maintenance engineer to optimize the stock according to specific consumptions, analyzes the BOMs (equipment list) as well as the maintenance engineer's requirements;
    •  In the case of common parts, analyze the stock level (minimum and maximum) and discuss with the engineers from the departments involved to decide the value stream allocation of the part;
    •  Initiates the process of changing the price in the system, in the case of expired offers;
    •  Involves the maintenance engineer to find an equivalent product or equipment in terms of functionality, in the case of parts that are no longer available on the market;
    •  Allocate MAZE parts to stations according to the BOM, in agreement with the maintenance engineer;
    •  Responsible for managing the physical stock and ensures the physical integrity of the parts according to the specifications;
    • Identify deviations and make stock corrections;
    •  Analyzes non-moving parts in order to optimize stocks and costs;
    •  Responsible for continuous improvement projects in his area of responsibility;
    •  According to the legislation and the field of use, the correct assignment of spare parts in classes: MAZE, FHMI, HIBE, consumables
    •  Establishes the defect together with the maintenance engineer and organizes the repair process;
    •  Responsible for the scrapping process and sale of spare parts if necessary;
    •  Create a new material number for spare parts that are not in MAZE;
    •  Makes recurring reports with the entries of parts from the previous month and with the current status for the establishment of measures to fit into the allocated budgets;
    •  Create reports with spare parts stocks by cost centers to identify stock costs;
    •  Checks the parts orders that have a delivery delay and escalates the status of these orders to the supplier and the next hierarchical level;
    •  Makes orders in the BonaParte system;
    •  Participate in the annual inventory of the spare parts stock.

    RO: Acest job este deschis si candidatilor din Ucraina;
    EN: This job is open to candidates from Ukraine;