Backend Engineer

Employer: LSEG Romania
  • Internet - eCommerce
  • IT Hardware
  • IT Software
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: 1 - 5 years of experience
  • Updated at: 03.08.2022

    Responsible for facilitating application development and migration into public cloud with potential involvement in all project lifecycle phases. Interaction with a wide variety of teams in order to help generate and refine developer-focused resources at a high-level including cloud solutions architectures, patterns, proof-of-concept implementations, specific standards and broader principles.

    Helps provide a cloud solutions architecture foundation and framework to ensure consistent and efficient delivery, removing duplication and enabling autonomous development teams to realise the full benefits of cloud architecture. Working to refactor existing manual processes throughout the cloud application intake process, instead automating and enabling data-driven reporting and compliance enforcement wherever possible.

    Key responsibilities

    • Act as an advocate for the development team, working to understand and mitigate challenges and gaps with regards to all aspects of the intake process
    • Provide high-level cloud solutions architecture support to development teams
    • Produce and promote high-level architectural patterns that inherently satisfy standards and adhere to controls, in effect providing pre-approved solutions to development teams

    Critical deliverables

    The role is responsible for delivery of the following:

    • Consultation with application development teams to build an understanding of current and future demand, in addition to persistent problems repeatedly faced
    • Delivery of process improvement with regard to the cloud application intake process, with a particular focus on automation, both in terms of reporting and enforcement
    • Derivation of appropriate high-level solutions architectures and prototypes based upon application development team requirements
    • Engagement with all other associated and engaged teams, ensuring that cloud solutions architecture standards, strategies and approaches are correctly aligned across all affected areas


    This primary focus of this role is to enable the development or migration of applications into public cloud, demonstrating best-practice cloud architecture attributes of efficiency, elasticity, availability, repeatability, observability, security and supportability as detailed below:

    • The role will act as an advocate for the development community, providing consultation, documentation, and guidance on navigating the process and working to simplify and automate wherever possible
    • The role will help provide and promote architectural patterns, demonstrating how to solve common problems and use cloud services, reducing development effort caused by rework and repeated reviews of identical architecture
    • The role will help promote best-practice architectural approaches, working with policy owners to design high-level architectural patterns that inherently satisfy standards and adhere to controls, in effect providing pre-approved solutions, and enable the relationships between patterns and standards to be quantified
    • The role will work with all appropriate owners and interested parties to help define and refine the technology taxonomy for the purpose of automating and reporting on usage and compliance across cloud accounts and applications
    • The role will help define and refine the 'big rules' for architecting cloud applications


    • Cloud application intake process overhauled
    • Solutions architecture review process greatly simplified with use of automation wherever possible
    • Cloud patterns library published with coverage for the majority of standard cloud solutions architecture use cases
    • Technology taxonomy defined and agreed with stakeholders
    • Cloud solutions architecture engagement process defined and well-understood
    • Delivery time into cloud reduced; elimination of duplication of effort with regards to process and architecture

    Technical / job functional knowledge

    The following are the functional requirements for this role:

    • Experience in cloud architecture roles on at least one of the following cloud service providers: AWS, Azure, GCP
    • Experience of on-premise architectures would be beneficial
    • An understanding of the benefits and the pitfalls of cloud architectures
    • Experience in cloud engineering roles would be beneficial
    • Experience in at least one mainstream programming language, such as Pyhon.
    • Experience of building proof-of-concept applications and environments would be beneficial
    • An understanding of the development lifecycle and the importance of CICD and automation
    • Business and sector expertise
    • Experience in financial industry/services highly beneficial
    • Leadership and management experience
    • Experience in demonstrating technical and strategic leadership advantageous

    Personal skills and capabilities

    The role will involve a substantial amount of consultation, documentation and communication with a wide variety of audiences in a number of formats, summarised below:

    • Gather requirements from development teams with experience in cloud ranging from novice to expert
    • Be a confident self-starter with a willingness to investigate and learn unfamiliar cloud technologies at a high level, subsequently documenting and presenting recommended approaches based upon findings
    • Be capable of presenting to a variety of audiences
    • The production of documentation and diagrams of an excellent standard are key to the success of this role
    • Manage stakeholder expectations and progress

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