Tier 1 Technical Support

Employer: K2View
  • Engineering
  • IT Hardware
  • IT Software
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: 1 - 5 years of experience
  • Updated at: 06.12.2021

    K2view is looking for Tier 1 positions as follows:

    K2view is looking for Tier 1 person to join our Tier 1 team and help maintain superb performance of K2view mPaaS and PaaS offering focusing on K2view Customer satisfaction and superb usage of K2view products.

    As a member of the Tier 1 team, you’ll be working closely with K2view SRE, COE (Center of Excellence) Tier 2 team, DevOps and K2view Customers. You will be part of the group taking care of K2view mPaaS/PaaS Performance, while ensuring high level of K2view Customer Satisfaction support K2view growth.

    Job Summary

    At K2View, we’re passionate about big data systems and data management platforms. Our Tier 1 team was created to ensure high customers satisfaction by handling customers requests promptly and professionally. Tier 1 are first to face production and non-production requests and issues of our customers. Once customer opens a case Tier 1 are responsible to do the first investigation, debugging and triage, eventually categorizing of any incoming problem or case open by K2view Customers. Tier 1 are expected to become THE product experts and have advance set of tools to investigate and restore the system to the healthy state together with the K2View teams, analyze functional implementation and infrastructure defects/issues and rout the problem to the relevant department in the company for deeper analysis.


    • Provide Customer Support via FreshDesk tickets or phone
    • Managing and triaging tickets open by customers
    • Investigate Production cases and do the initial triage
    • Follow-up internally and externally on cases until case is closed/resolved
    • Where applicable, write data correction scripts (workaround) under SRE/Tier2/DevOps guidance
    • If applicable, notify Customer’s project team of the required implementation changes to fix the Error or apply workaround
    • If applicable, engage Tier 2 and report the Error
    • Generate weekly & monthly ticket reports.
    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or other highly technical, scientific discipline
    • Knowledge in Linux and Windows operating systems
    • Ability to program (Object-Oriented) in Java
    • Ability to analyze/debug large and complicated systems
    • A proactive approach to spotting problems, areas for improvement, and performance bottlenecks
    • Advantage: Knowledge in SQL/NoSQL Databases such as PostgreSQL, SQLite etc.
    • Availability for a full-time position
    • High serviceability with customer-oriented approach
    • MUST - Fluent English speaking/writing skills