Web Developer - Back-end / full-stack | Québec, Canada | 30 Aug, 2021 - 30 Aug, 2022

Employer: AIESEC in Romania
  • IT Software
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: Student/Graduate
  • Abroad
  • Updated at: 03.08.2021
    Short company description

    AIESEC este o organizatie studenteasca existenta la nivel global, structurata ca o platforma de oportunitati pentru tineri, care isi desfasoara activitatea in 126 de tari si teritorii, si in peste 1000 de centre universitare. Organizatia este condusa in intregime de studenti si are ca obiectiv principal dezvoltarea de lideri care sa aducă un impact pozitiv in societate. In acest scop, membrii ei lucreaza pe arii precum Resurse Umane, Finante, Marketing sau Vanzari, au sansa de a coordona echipe, de a crea proiecte si de a face stagii de voluntariat sau internship-uri profesionale în oricare din tarile in care AIESEC este prezent. Organizatia exista in Romania din anul 1990, infiintandu-se in Bucuresti iar mai apoi deschizand alte 15 comitete locale in alte 13 orase din Romania, si anume in Arad, Brasov, Constanta, Cluj, Craiova, Galati, Iasi, Oradea, Pitesti, Sibiu, Suceava, Targu-Mures, Timisoara.


    Software development and programming (Required)
    Systems and Computing Engineering (Required)

    Node.js (Required)
    Xcode (Required)
    Javascript (Required)
    Angular (Required)
    SQL (Required)
    HTML (Required)
    Cloud Computing (Required)
    Detail oriented (Required)
    Programming skills (Required)
    Software Development Frameworks (Required)
    Software Engineering (Required)
    Mobile Development (Required)
    MySQL (Required)
    PHP (Required)
    Elasticsearch (Required)
    Full Stack development (Required)

    French (Required)
    English (Required)

    Minimum study level
    Bachelor (Required)


    On the server side, over the years they have developed their own framework based on the notion of Docs as Code. Each component is defined according to the OpenAPI specification (v3) and the code uses data models (Object Schema) to validate and operate the components as well as their API. In other words, just making a change to the documentation updates how the code works. The languages used are PHP and Node .js. On the client side, they develop everything with the Vue .js framework. In terms of their mobile applications, they use Ionic. They use relational (MySQL), key-value (Redis), graph-oriented (Dgraph) and document-oriented (Elasticsearch and DynamoDB) databases as needed. They also have a soft spot for the WebSocket protocol.

    All activities must be done virtually in the remote part and then physically when the intern is in Quebec City, Quebec:

    In collaboration with the members of your team and under the responsibility of the director of technology,

    You will be required to perfect the company's tools already in place as well as to develop new ones to meet the changing needs of the event industry.

    You will need to create and optimize code, then maintain it, fix bugs, and problems resolution.

    The main project the team is currently working on is redesigning the console used by more than 5,000 event organizers so that all possible actions through the interface are also accessible through their API.

    This position is full time. Their office is located in the St-Roch district in Quebec City, near several restaurants, grocery stores, local shops, parks and public transportation.

    1. Great attention to detail and aesthetics goes into developing attractive, comprehensive, easy-to-use and bug-free tools.

    2. An ability to work in a team is essential for effective and cheerful collaboration between colleagues.

    3. Solution-driven initiative and proactivity are greatly encouraged to meet the changing needs of the event industry.

    4. Bilingualism (French and English) is required for an optimal understanding of the needs of the clients who are located across the country and internationally.