HR Lead

Employer: Emerson Croft
  • Human Resources - Psychology
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: Manager
  • Abroad
  • nationwide
    Updated at: 25.01.2021
    Short company description

    We are a Silicon Valley recruitment firm that powers companies used daily by millions of users. We work out of offices on 3 continents, with the majority of us working remotely from home or coworking spaces.


    1. Minimum 7 years of experience in a global corporate environment
    2. Expertise in designing change management and people operations processes
    3. Experience building teams
    4. Proficient written and spoken English
    5. Ability to quickly learn systems and processes
    6. Proficiency with system automation


    Emerson Croft is looking for an HR Lead to build a people-focused culture at a stealth-mode startup with clear product-market fit.

    Our partner company is committed to working with a global team. A fully remote office lets them leverage talent from all across the world — but it doesn’t work without processes we can trust. That’s where you come in. As a remote HR Lead, you’ll be a process expert, a liaison, an innovator, and a beacon of sanity all in one. We’re looking for a people skills guru whose presence calms employees at all levels; someone who can enforce processes when they’re working, and optimize them when they aren’t. You’ll own training, take responsibility for cultural development, and act as a knowledge resource.

    This startup is big enough to last, yet small enough that its processes haven’t calcified. This role demands an in-depth knowledge of HR concepts, along with the creativity to apply them in new ways. If you’ve rolled up your sleeves and managed more than one major release in your day, you could excel here (especially if automation was involved).

    The company’s remote culture encourages you to take the initiative, push back against leadership, and focus on deliverables. Working remotely, you’ll have near-total control over your time. Use your ops experience to make an impact — contact us about this role today.

    You will:

    1. Be an expert in the full-range of HR processes
    2. Bring your people skills to bear on training, developing, and retaining an amazing team
    3. Design people operations across a wide range of roles-types, time zones, and cultures
    4. Create workflows that super-achieve the team’s SLAs
    5. Work with leadership to gain context on projects and set expectations
    6. Manage workforce culture design and development programs
    7. Support, train, and coach independent contributors and junior leaders
    8. Manage issues with aplomb and keep the team cool in times of stress
    9. Use technology to automate busywork and ensure that your team is as effective as possible