Public Sector Partnerships Director

Employer: Teach for Romania
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  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: peste 5 years of experience
  • nationwide
    Updated at: 28.11.2020
    Short company description

    Teach for Romania este o organizație non-guvernamentală, parte din rețeaua globală Teach for All, care caută și pregătește oameni valoroși, cu sau fără experiență anterioară de predare, pentru a deveni profesori în învățământul de stat, pentru copiii din medii vulnerabile.

    Pentru un tânăr în România de astăzi, educația, cunoștințele pe care le dobândește și mediul în care crește sunt cruciale pentru oportunitățile la care are acces mai departe.

    Calitatea educației pe care acesta o primește până la vârsta de 15 ani este determinantă pentru parcursul său ulterior în viață.


    We are looking for someone with:
    - People management vision and skill;
    - Ability to develop strategic partnerships and projects, finding possible compatibilities between Teach for Romania and other entities;
    - Ability to influence, inspire and develop strong relationships with diverse stakeholders;
    - Excellent Communication skills, the ability to relate and adapt speech to high authority roles within the educational system;
    - Conflict management skills;
    - Entrepreneurial spirited – focused on innovation;
    - The ability to understand & manage numbers easily;
    - Capacity for autonomy;
    - Strong critical & creative thinking;
    - Ability to navigate complex situations, problem solve and make sound decisions;
    - Ability to develop strategic plans and execute successfully;
    - Strategic vision- being able to see issues at an organizational level, with a long term focus;
    - Return of Investment mindset- being able to forecast the return of investment from various activities.

    Who is:
    - A visionary & strategic thinker;
    - Deeply connected to Teach for Romania’s vision;
    - Fit with Teach for Romania’s culture and values;
    - A strong believer in the potential impact and collaborative nature of the Teach for All Network.

    Who knows:
    - The inner workings of the public educational system as well as the role of other stakeholders relevant to the field (non-educational institutions, NGOs)
    - English: B1 level and above;
    - PC skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

    Requirements for this role:
    - Minimum 5 years of experience in a role working in direct contact with public institutions;
    - Consistent experience in the educational field;
    - Driver’s license: B category.



    The Public Sector Partnerships Director is the key driver of strategic partnerships with the public institutions of the educational system, regional and local governmental entities, with the purpose of maximizing school and community impact as defined by the organization’s vision and frameworks. The role will assure both the strategy and tactics of approaching and building partnerships with these institutions in order to influence, secure or facilitate the employment of our program participants as teachers in the targeted public schools within disadvantaged or vulnerable communities.
    This role will work as part of the core program team, managed by our Chief Program Officer, as well as across the organizations with other departments, on projects involving the Public Sector.

    This is a full time position, in Bucharest.

    - Design the strategy, invest, sustain and grow strategic partnerships with the key stakeholders of the Ministry of Education, District School inspectorates, schools, and other local government bodies or institutions for reaching the annual organizational goals;
    - Work with the above stakeholders in order to understand the educational system’s legal context, dynamic, and the placement methodology and come up with proposals to influence and improve the related public policies starting from Teach for Romania model and experience;
    - Oversee the integration process of future program participants into the public educational system and their continuity of the 2-year program in the partner schools:
    o Design and update the yearly placement strategy, activities and instruments according to the official methodology;
    o Oversee the activity of the team and assure its autonomy in working with the program participants;
    o Enable program participants to identify the viable vacant options in the Romanian educational system and secure their jobs based on the existing legal context, their preferences, constraints and background;
    o Create contexts of direct interaction between our program participants and representatives of the public institutions involved in the placement process; o Drafting all process related paperwork and official documents;

    - On the field, community and local government and public institutions visits for building partnerships and enabling projects;
    - Conflict prevention and management related to program participants’ roles in schools;
    - Design the strategy to approach regional and local public institutions in the context of Teach for Romania’s regional expansion and offer the necessary support to the regional teams;
    - Contribute to Teach for Romania vision and approach to school and community impact frameworks;
    - Involve in critical program priorities or organizational strategic projects (involves but not limited to: Leadership Summer Academy, Selection Team, community impact, regional expansion)
    - External representation of Teach for Romania in public institutions related contexts;
    - Analyse and process department data for reporting purposes, understanding results and calibrating the strategy;
    - Team management: working with 1 current Specialist and an extended team of Alumni or collaborators during the placement process;
    - Budget planning and operational management.

    Other info

    The selection process will consist in:
    - Screening, according to the application form;
    - Phone Interview with the HR department;
    - Interview with the Chief Program Officer;
    - Final interview with the CEO.

    This is a temporary position, until February 2022, with the possibility of continuity depending on our organizational priorities and structure.

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