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    This ONLINE Conference  helps developers to learn about the technical innovations in Java but is also focused on the discussion, the debate and the experience`s sharing between its participants.

    This ONLINE Conference is for you if you:
    • Have an academic background in Automation, Computer Science, Mathematics or Informatics, Electronics and Telecommunication;
    • IT professional, enthusiastic about new techonlogies and trends in the tech zone.
    When and where?
    • Date: 29th of October, 16:30 - 18:20


    A talk that is not about putting a String in a constant, but about actual problems that will turn your code into a mess in the long run.
    In this talk we will go into some root causes of bugs and complexity and see what we can do to prevent this from happening.
    So if you want to improve your code reviews, or just like to have a better understanding of complexity management, this is the talk for you.


    Ties is a Senior Software Engineer working for JDriven. He began his career mostly working on fixing bugs in a big monolithic application. This made him passionate about exploring concepts and ways to code to prevent bugs from ever occurring.

    He embraces this passion in his daily life by helping companies with architecture, programming, and training as a Sofware Consultant for JDriven.

    Check in to this ONLINE Conference after you read the information below:
    • The participation is free;
    • Only candidates who meet the company’s requirements will receive an e-mail confirmation;
    • ONLINE Conference: Java lasts 110 minutes - Keynote 1 - 40 minutes; Keynote 2- 40 minutes; International Speaker's Keynote 3- 30 minutes.
    • You can participate in one or more ONLINE Conference / Webinars if they don’t overlap.
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