Project Manager

Employer: EasyDO Digital Technologies
  • IT Software
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: peste 5 years of experience
  • Constanta
  • Pitesti
  • nationwide
    Updated at: 24.09.2020
    Short company description

    EASYDO is a technology company, spin off activity of a leading Technology Services company with + 80 employees. The team is managed by senior Partners and senior Experts. We are building next generation technologies applications including API, Data Governance, AI, blockchain, machine learning, IoT, AR, VR.
    We are focusing on 3 main activities: Software Factory & Innovative Business Solutions (in-house & partners’ applications), Data Governance & Cybersecurity, Applications & INFRA services. Working with top premium companies in several industries, we are operating projects in Romania and abroad.
    By joining EASYDO, You will be a member of a Romanian and international team, expert and complementary, which allows you to evolve in your career and succeed your projects.


    Bachelor's degree in Business, Administration, or a related field.
    Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification may be advantageous.
    Minimum of five years' experience in the industry.
    Minimum of one year's experience in a supervisory position may be advantageous.
    Strong leadership skills.
    Good written and verbal communication skills.
    Strong attention to details and technicalities.
    Excellent organizational and technical skills.
    Good interpersonal and multi-tasking skills.


    - Reporting : participate in the definition or preparation of processes and deliverables of dashboards, etc. Ensure the consolidation of project information and produce a reliable, tailored report with the project team.
    - Scheduling/dependencies : produce and update the consolidated schedule for the project. Identify and incorporate external constraints impacting the project. Ensure the quality and consistency of the project schedule. Seek out scheduling optimizations and propose improvements
    - Milestones and alerts : alert in the event of a deviation or discrepancy. Define and monitor the major project milestones
    - Risk and quality control: consolidate the identified risks of execution, check the compliance of the project's execution, and monitor the action plan. Identify the risks of execution associated with the project and propose a risk management and reduction plan.
    - Resources : ensure adequate allocation of resources to scheduled tasks. Ensure the availability of resources and all associated logistics at the appropriate time. Anticipate needs with regard to intellectual services
    - Governance : take part in appointing governance and set up governance bodies. Prepare the presentations and minutes of the project committees. Ensure that each member of the project team has a good understanding of his/her role and that all cooperate in the achievement of the project.
    - Budget : participate in the implementation and coordination of the budgeting system, monitor the budget and report it to the Finance Department. Propose a budget allocation
    - Communication : participate in the project communication plan along with the Communication and Change Management managers and other Project Managers
    - Documentation and archiving: organize the document database of the Project. Ensure the delivery of the document database of the project