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Employer: Phi Partners
  • IT Software
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: 1 - 5 years of experience
  • Abroad
  • Updated at: 19.06.2019

    Are you an ardent learner who enjoys solving problems?  Do you have a keen eye for detail and a desire to investigate, organise information and find patterns and exceptions?  Do you have testing or support experience in an investment banking or software development context?

    We have

    • Clients with Summit and Sophis – capital markets trading systems that support trading, back office, risk management and finance.
    • Dozens of projects relating to Summit and Sophis:  version upgrades, new modules, improvements, financial product implementations.

    We need

    • Talented people like you to help prove and improve the quality of Summit and Sophis through testing, investigation and reporting.

    About you

    • If you are already familiar with Summit or Sophis, stop reading and please contact us now!  If you don’t, that’s fine: read on…
    • You have an understanding of, and an interest in investment banking - that means you have a general understanding of the financial products traded in the Capital Markets space:  Swaps, Options, FX, Equities… as well as an idea of the business flow for front office, back office and risk.
    • You have previous experience of the software development process, ideally from a testing perspective.
    • You like problems, but even more you like solutions.
    • You have an investigative mind and you don’t give up: you won’t stop digging until you’ve found the cause of the problem.
    • You think clearly – you can’t stand ambiguity and you organise and present information logically.
    • You have a precise attention to detail: both when following instructions and when sharing information with others.
    • You have excellent English and communication skills:  you can explain anything to anyone, in writing or verbally.
    • You are comfortable using Excel.
    • You may have some experience in automated testing frameworks.
    • If you have some basic technical skills (like SQL, running commands, or any scripting or programming), then that’s a total bonus, but we don’t expect it. 

    You will

    • Assist in defining test strategies and test cases
    • Run the tests – some of them will be automated, others are run by hand
    • Assist with automation of manual tests
    • Analyse the results
    • Investigate any differences and present solutions where possible
    • Clearly document the outcomes

    A day in the life of a Quality Assurance Consultant

    • You are a test analyst, within a broader team of other testers, business analysts and developers, who are working on a 9 month Summit upgrade project for a bank in Germany.
    • You spend the morning working through a set of test cases designed to prove that the workflow around creating confirmation documents for Swap trades is working correctly. 
    • One of the test cases didn’t quite work in the new version because there is a new configuration that needs to be made.  You research this in the documentation, and then update the test case instructions accordingly. 
    • You prepare a document to explain the change and make sure everyone is made aware.  You look for other test cases that may be affected.
    • Your investigation also uncovers one issue that is clearly a bug, and it’s a bug in the core software.  The test manager agrees, and you create a bug report with very explicit steps to replicate the issue, and log it on the vendor’s support portal.
    • Meanwhile, your test for valuation of a book of FX Options has just completed.  You find some discrepancies for a small number of trades and investigate:  what features do the failing trades have in common?  Is the underlying market data the same?  Is there anything in the documentation to indicate the pricing methodology has changed?  Has someone else been messing with your test environment?!?
    • In the afternoon, you speak to one of our developers about a bug you found the week before – the developer can’t seem to find the problem.  You sit together and work out what needs to be done.
    • You join the weekly team meeting where you are able to give an update on your progress against the plan that the project manager is tracking.  You have some concerns about finishing on time and you suggest a re-prioritisation that makes sense.
    • You chat with the local head of Delivery Operations.  The project for your client will complete in two months, and he wants to know if you’d be interested to work in Italy for a while.  If you do, that’s brilliant – it’s a fantastic opportunity.  If not, no problem – there are plenty of Bucharest-based projects in the pipeline too and no matter what the next project brings, there is always something new to learn.

    Where do you go from there?

    Our quality assurance consultants very quickly become experts in the Summit or Sophis trading systems, as well as expert in the business processes of a capital markets organisation.  There is no better way to learn.

    Our QA experts move naturally into more senior QA roles, test management roles, or Business Analysis roles.  The Head of Delivery for Phi started life as a Summit test analyst.  (Just don’t ask her how old she is!)

    There are multiple career paths, but in fact most of our functional consultants (basically, anyone who is not a developer) enjoy the flexibility of a hybrid role:  a bit of testing, a bit of business analysis, some test management, and often some project management too.  We won’t put you in a box unless you want us to.  We can never promise what the next project will be – but that’s what makes life as a consultant interesting and varied.