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  • Internship
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  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: Student/Graduate
  • Ilfov
  • Updated at: 16.01.2019

    Adobe Cloud Services Team Internship

    The scale our platform has continued to grow year by year has never ceased to impress us. We are operating in a dynamic environment, having to keep up with constant changes required by operating with bleeding edge technologies. Behind everything our users see online is the architecture built by us and they rely on our team to keep it running. From developing and maintaining our data centers to building the next generation of Adobe platforms in the cloud, we make Adobe Digital Marketing’s product portfolio possible. We're proud to be our engineers' engineers. We're keeping our services up and running, ensuring our users have the best and fastest experience possible.Ever wondered how it is to work for a leading international company, to be part of the cloud transformation that everybody is currently talking about? Our engineers are our biggest asset, being open minded, up to date with the latest technologies, having a complete view from both an infrastructure and software engineering perspective, with a heavy focus on automation, open-source projects and cloud. If you want to be our colleague this implies that you’re ready to be Genuine, Exceptional, Innovative and Involved, it means that you want to be part of a team keen on promoting and enjoying the benefits of diversity. 

    Minimal requests for the position:

    • Understanding of Linux, Public Cloud - Programming fundamentals (algorithms, OOP)

    Pluses: Involved in NGOs, open source, active in the community or personal web projects.

    Knowledge that will be gained during the internship:

    Our team’s main responsibility is to build and manage multi-cloud environments by focusing on the main goal to improve the quality, speed, and cost of delivering the Marketing Cloud solutions to customers through development of unified delivery platforms. The wide range of roles within the team relate to topics such as SRE, DevOps, Cloud, Linux, Security, Containers, Automation, Monitoring, Security, and Software Development. Our Customers are our own Adobe Engineering and SRE teams from Digital Marketing, we improve operational efficiency and service level by delivering standardised, common, shared middleware components and services to internal Adobe customers as a core competency. We reduce distraction and duplicative work within product silos by delivering high-performance, fault-tolerant, feature-rich common components as services. We provide quality assurance through sophisticated monitoring, automated remediation, prescriptive configuration and release management. 

    With regards to subjects we’re extremely open to ideas and we have also gathered several proposals:

     Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) for Cloud ServicesWhat you need to know: Linux, PythonProject: In order to offer a reliable service and features to our customers we need a solution to build an environment for testing our services and features with the real-life scenarios upon code/version changes.Goal: As a member of our team, you will work on developing an automated building of environments tool along with the tests needed which would best suit the needs. We also need to determine how to persist and display the results.Outcome: Jenkins will be the tool you will use to create the automation of different services configurations. In Jenkins, you will create a pipeline program which creates the environment, the states of the services and the tests to confirm the availability of the service. We need to collect all results, store them in a meaningful format to be presented to our customers.What technologies you will learn and gain experience in: Azure, Jenkins, SaltStack

    Continuous Delivery in Kubernetes Clusters for CustomersTechnologies: Linux, Git We have successfully installed multiple clusters on nodes that will be used to run big data services. At this time the clusters run three types of services: Kubernetes Orchestration Framework, DevOps  and BigData services. Some of the DevOps services: monitoring, remote logging, security, auto scaling, self-healing.You will have to define and implement a Continuous Delivery Workflow for the DevOps components that should happen with no downtime on any of the cluster’s services. Based on the same process we must send alerts if the configuration that runs on a cluster does not match with the value that should have been deployed on that cluster.  Git must be the source of truth for the entire process.What technologies you will learn and gain experience in: Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Prometheus, Spinnaker

    Highly Available FTP service in the cloud Adobe Audience Manager collects data from various sources. It also allows customers to send their data send data. Implement a Highly Available FTP service in AWS, using Linux PAM for authentication with a secrets server. We already have an incomplete but well documented "proof of concept". It has to be extended and prepared to be ready for production. It's written in Python, uses Terraform for infrastructure provisioning and various AWS resources (EC2, ASG, NLB, S3, EFS, SQS, SNS, Lambda).

    Automation stack for Adobe products on the public cloudTechnologies/Tools: Hadoop, Cassandra, AWS, Azure, python, JavaAs part of the Target SRE team one of the key initiatives is the migration of the product to the cloud, that being either AWS or Azure. Target is a heavy user of Hadoop and Cassandra, with one of the largest nodes in Adobe. Automation is also key, as well as proactivity and ownership when working on a particular item. 

    At Adobe, you will be immersed in an exceptional work environment that is recognized throughout the world on Best Companies lists. You will also be surrounded by colleagues who are committed to helping each other grow through our unique Check-In approach where ongoing feedback flows freely.

    If you’re looking to make an impact, Adobe's the place for you. Discover what our employees are saying about their career experiences on the Adobe Life blog and explore the meaningful benefits we offer.

    Adobe is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status.

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