International Internship in Turkey (12 months)

Employer: AIESEC in Romania
  • Administration - Political Sciences
  • Education - Training
  • Internship
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: 0 - 1 years of experience
  • Iasi
  • Timisoara
  • Updated at: 14.11.2018

    - Create an account on;
    - Background: Linguistics, Teaching, Literature;
    - Skills: Language Teaching, Training, Facilitation, Presentation skills, Organisational Management, Leadership, Windows PC usage, Internet usage
    - Only candidates between 18 and 30 years old will be considered for the process;
    - Availability to start the internship on 15/11/18.

    Main activities
    - Classroom management;
    - Evaluating a students' class work and assignments;
    - Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes and age groups;
    - Devising, writing and producing new materials, including audio and visual resources;
    - Creating a vibrant teaching atmosphere.

    - Candidate should create an account at;
    - Only candidates between 18 and 30 years old will be considered for the process;
    - The salary is 1750 TRY/month;
    - The duration of the job is 52 weeks (around 12 months);
    - This job opportunity is held in TURKEY;
    - If selected by the company you must pay a administrative fee of 250 Euros.

    - Start building your career on the international level, testing the experience you've acquired in Romania by applying it in another business environment;
    - Gain international experience. Take it to the next level by exploring a new culture and environment as you work in a company abroad.
    - Expand your network for the future. Make the right connections and grow your professional network to support your future ventures.

    - Communicate effectively in a diverse environment, all the while allowing you to empower others.
    - There's no place like a startup to test your skills in being solution-oriented and resilient to tackle new challenges every day.
    - Exposure to a different country will open up awareness of global issues and empower you to become more of a world citizen.
    - Working abroad will allow you to find your values, explore your passions, and become more self-aware.

    - Logistics Support: we ensure you get the right visa, arrival pick-up information before your experience and departure instructions post-experience.
    - Clear job description: we accompany you to the workplace on the first day, ensure your job description and goals are clear, and working hours/duration align to the initial description.
    - Safe living conditions: life and health insurance is mandatory for taking part in AIESEC. You will get information about accommodation and basic living costs.
    - Learning experience: we set clear expectations, provide cultural preparation and facilitate learning spaces before and during experiences.

    Following your application an AIESEC member will contact you for more details about the program.