Internship Abroad in Start-up in Greece

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Employer: AIESEC in Romania
  • Internet - eCommerce
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Job type: internship
    Job level: Student/Graduate
  • Cluj Napoca
  • Iasi
  • nationwide
    Updated at: 03.12.2018

    Kick-start your entrepreneurial journey trough an international internship

    Global Entrepreneur is an internship experience within a startup where young people can explore, learn and contribute to the entrepreneurial world.

    Virtual POS is a growing Greek start-up that, in partnership with AIESEC, is looking for young people with basic knowledge on Data Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing and Digital Marketing and that are willing to grow and develop themselves and the start-up business through an internship in Athens.

    Good to know:
    - only candidates between 18 and 30 years old will be considered for the process;
    - internships are not paid, but accomodation will be provided;
    - the duration of the internship is 6 weeks;
    - this opportunity is located in Greece;
    - if selected by a start-up you will pay a tax of 175 Euros.

    The intern will be responsible for analysing, measuring and creating strategies to drive online traffic to the company website, as well as developing and managing digital marketing campaigns on social media using techniques such as paid search, SEO and PPC.

    Main activities:

    • Developing and management social media campaigns
    • Develop and monitor strategies for paid search: Google Adwors, Facebook Ads, etc
    • Improve online channels such as website, applications, blog, and social media through SEO
    • Develop strategies that attract more signups on the website
    • Track and analyse social media metrics
    • Develop and manage email marketing campaigns and lead nurturing strategies
    • Monitor market trends, competitors marketing efforts & startup ecosystem
    • Measure and report performance of all marketing campaigns related to organizational goals


    Your entrepreneurial start

    Every entrepreneur begins somewhere! Learn what it takes to run a venture through gaining hands-on experience for yourself.

    Gain international experience
    Take it to the next level by exploring a new culture and environment as you work in a startup abroad.

    Expand your network for the future
    Make the right connections and grow your professional network to support your future entrepreneurial ventures.

    What will you gain?

    • Communicate effectively in a diverse environment, all the while allowing you to empower others.
    • There's no place like a startup to test your skills in being solution-oriented and resilient to tackle new challenges every day.
    • Exposure to a different country will open up awareness of global issues and empower you to become more of a world citizen.
    • Working abroad will allow you to find your values, explore your passions, and become more self-aware.
    Feel at ease with our support:

    Logistics Support - We ensure you get the right visa, arrival pick-up information before your experience and departure instructions post-experience.

    Clear job description - We accompany you to the workplace on the first day, ensure your job description and goals are clear, and working hours/duration align to the initial description.

    Safe living conditions - Life and health insurance is mandatory for taking part in AIESEC. You will get information about accommodation and basic living costs.

    Learning experience - We set clear expectations, provide cultural preparation and facilitate learning spaces before and during experiences.

    Following your application an AIESEC member will contact you for more details about the program.