Speakers’ thoughts on Dev Talks 2015 : Part 4

As Dev Talks is approaching very fast, we are excited to share with you more of our speakers’ impressions and perspectives regarding the leading IT conference in Romania.

1) Why did you accept our invitation?

Romulus Crisan, Language Platform Evangelist at SDL : Some of my reasons are : great place to talk and learn about software development and technology, add my contribution to the evolution of development events in Romania, share ideas and knowledge.

Tudor Lapusan, Java developer at Skobbler : I heard about DevTalks from a friend of mine and it sounds to be a great conference. Besides I really like to share my knowledge and to meet, learn from other developers, people.

Patrick Kua, Principal Consultant and Tech Lead at ThoughtWorks : I’m excited to talk about Continuous Delivery to a new audience and to share my experiences. I’m interested to see what the state of adoption is in Bucharest.

Tamas Piros, Technical Trainer at MarkLogic : My company has recently opened up to a larger community of web developers and in light of this we are more actively looking to deliver talks/workshops and conferences in the EMEA region. Your conference is in the right location as well as has the right attendees with the skill levels that we’d like to be familiar with our product.

2) What is your message for our audience?

Romulus Crisan : Hope you will enjoy this day as much as I do.

Tudor Lapusan : I encourage them to come to DevTalks, it seems to be a lot of great presentations. Be open to learn, share and meet other people and definitely you will make new worth friendships.

Patrick Kua : CD is a journey and is not (only) about the toolset. I think it makes working in technology even more exciting.

Tamas Piros : The message that I’d like to convey is about utilising NoSQL technologies with JavaScript. NoSQL scares people as they are still not sure what it is or how it works and they also get confused with Big Data. Our technology has some key concepts and features that are related to a SQL like world (such as ACID) in a NoSQL environment.

3) How will the future look for developers in 2015-2016?

Romulus Crisan : Almost every device requires software so I would say the future is full of new opportunities, challenges and innovation.

Tudor Lapusan : A lot of great startups events, conferences and meetups are happening. I didn’t see until now such a great year for IT marker, especially in Cluj-Napoca. It’s up to every developer how much he/she wants to learn, develop himself/herself, because here in Cluj-Napoca you can find almost anything.

Patrick Kua : 2015-2016 will make even more use of cloud-based technologies for platform offerings but will continue to be a challenge for businesses.

Tamas Piros : I believe there will be a lot of exciting updates with various frameworks (Angular 2.0 is coming) and as a result web applications will be written in a much more seamless fashion. There are also some interesting developments for those who like ‘offline-first’ and I believe there will be a lot of focus on mobile related development to enhance the experience for those users. Developers will also have to work with a poly-structured data models which will also mean that they’ll move towards NoSQL technologies.