Speakers’ thoughts on Dev Talks 2015 : Part 3

We are glad to continue this series and we’re back with fresh updates from our speakers! Find out what are their insights & perspectives regarding the biggest IT conference in Romania.

1). Why did you accept our invitation?

Daniel Appelquist, Open Web Advocate at Telefonica : Seemed like a great opportunity to reach out to a group of developers that I have not had contact with. Also the event seems to have a good focus and organization.

Radu Popescu, Front-end developer and QA at Small Footprint : I accepted the invitation for DevTalks because this event is a good opportunity to meet with other colleagues, developers, whom I can share my experience and that I can discuss the current state of the IT industry as well as about its evolution. Also I think DevTalks is the place where people from the industry can learn new about trends, tips & tricks and be inspired for their future projects.

Martin Naumann, Software Engineer at Archilogic : That has a few reasons: First of all, because I’m interested in the future of the web, which is one of your topics. Second, and most importantly, because I think I get to have the chance to meet new people and see things from a different perspective and get to exchange ideas with brilliant folks that I haven’t met yet.

Andrei Craciun, Senior Software Engineer at Intel Corporation : Devtalks gathers together technology experts from all areas, each of them with an interesting story and a lot of knowledge to spread, and I was honored to join this great group and to be able to share some of my experience.

2). What is your message for our audience?

Daniel Appelquist : I want to inform people about upcoming web standards and technologies that are going to deeply impact the lives of web developers, and to explain the trends that are resulting in greater security and encryption. I also want to demystify some of the work happening in the standards world and encourage greater participation by the developer community in standards development.

Radu Popescu : It is very important for people in IT to meet and participate at events like DevTalks as these are like an innovation engine. Talking with other people and attending the presentations, developers have the chance to discover new ways of doing things which helps the industry in Romanian maintain its high standards.

Martin Naumann : Walled gardens may have greener grass for a few months, but also less diversity, freedom and resilience and may look deserted and empty next season.

Andrei Craciun : Conferences are not opportunities to have a day off but opportunities to evolve. In order to evolve you need to get involved. It’s all about “sharing and giving and receiving”.

3). How will the future look for developers in 2015-2016?

Daniel Appelquist : I think we will see a rise of powerful features on the web platform which together with the trend towards responsive design will mean ever more powerful web applications on mobile devices. This trend, together with the rise of https and http/2 will bring challenges and opportunities for the brands and application providers who are trying to reach users through the web.

Martin Naumann : Hopefully we’ll recognise why the web has been a success, why Java on the web has failed and why we value open source. And hopefully people understand that it’s not a matter of technology, it’s about the effects for the users that make or break the results of our work.

Andrei Craciun : The humanity’s level of computer usage increases exponentially these days, still the old interactions methods seems to be obsolete. Next two years will be focused on IoT, data analytics, cloud computing, all having as a goal to improve life using technology and, at the same time, to promote new ways to interact with it, so that it becomes a natural extension of ourselves.

P.S. Soon we will unveil more speakers’ opinions, so stay tuned and don’t be a stranger!