Dev Talks 2015 is a key event for the developers community designed to bring deep technical content and insights for the contemporary professionals.

It addresses the developers & IT professionals that want to challenge their know- how and share their experience thus driving growth in their community.

Our Agenda gathers participants who want to learn and share professional experiences. Specially tailored formats such as keynotes, labspanel discussions or exposition booths bring along the way various technologies which are a valuable demand in the community.

With the help of our forces (speakerspartners,  Hipo communityIMWorld) we have designed topics which address the needs of those who who are interested in Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Mobile, Agile development, HTML5, Cloud, Big Data and much more. Anything missing from the list? Feel free to contribute – we’re more than happy to invite you to join our forces.

By participating to Dev Talks 2015 will find out which are the new approaches in software development and learn how to apply them efficiently. This is the context where thought-leading speakers from all the major trends and appreciated  leaders in their field will share their learnings and best practices. During the 4 tracks of the event you’ll learn the methods and which is the best approach in your area of interest.

You will also take away the best practices and find out how to make a good use of  in order to become better and smooth your development process.