Dev<Hacks/> 19-20 November // Crystal Palace Ballrooms // Bucharest

Freedom to transform the local reality


Form a team of
2 to 5 members
*Only the team captain is required to register; He/she must mention the other members of the team

Step 1

If you don't have a team, please mention so in the application form until November 14st

Step 2

If we will have multiple participants without teams, we will create teams based on the skills each of you have.

Step 3

Choose the category you want to code for. Take into consideration that we can have multiple partners on that category and therefore multiple challenges. To make things go smooth, you will extract a note with the challenge given for the category you've chosen on November 19th.


We will announce the teams that enter the competition on November 17th the latest.
Let's see the cool names you come up with!

Step 5

Yes, your intuition is great, you will know the category that your team has, but not the challenge. The challenge shall be announced when we will give the start.


That being said, let's rock the house on November 19th - 20th.

This weekend should be legendary!

Step 7