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Between 19th and 28th of October we invite you to explore technology at this online edition of TechTalks Timisoara!

4 easy steps to attend the Webinars:

 1. Click the Webinar/Online Conference that you want to attend.
They are treating topics such as JAVA, DevOps, AI & Machine Learning, JavaScript, Security, Cyber Threat Intelligence, QA and Testing, Automotive and BigData&Cloud.


2. Register with your Hipo account, all you need are a couple of clicks. It's free of charge because all good things in life should be free.

 3. Make sure you have a good Internet connection and a suitable device. You can attend any speech that you are interested into from any tech webinar or online conference

 4. Click the link received after registration when close to the starting time of the Webinar or online Conference. Enjoy the topics, prepare your questions and ask them during the live session (for this edtion you can also use your mic) and you will find out the answers straight from the best specialists.

"It`s not that we use technology. It`s that we live technology." - Godfrey Reggio 
So how about you? Are you ready to live with us?

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11:00 - 11:50

Async in Java
Learn what async is in Java and find different ways to implement it with a live code demo!

Cristina Manitiu

11:50 - 12:30

The Definitive Guide to Working with Exceptions in Java
Have we learned to use exceptions properly? Let’s put these old topics in the context of Java8+ lambdas, Vavr monads, Lombok, Spring, JAX-RS and see the best practices of handling errors in Java

Victor Rentea

14:50 - 15:20

Optimizing Reliability: How to run efficient and effective Chaos Engineering
Attendees will learn techniques for keeping their own Chaos Engineering practices lightweight so they can strike the right balance between feature work and reliability in their organization.

Jason Yee


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