Danube Cruises Romania

Industrie: Turism

Danube Cruises Romania is an international service provider for the most modern cruise vessels on Europe’s waterways. Since its registration in 1997, the company has grown up year by year, with a continuously increasing number of clients, partners, and offered services and operated ships.

The vessels are chartered to various tour-operators, each with about 130 to 180 guests, with cruises between Amsterdam and the Black Sea on the Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Mosel and Main Rivers and also in France on Rhône, Saône and Seine.

With so many years of experience and driven by a focused commitment, we offer cruise services that satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Efficiency and top quality are the key enablers which allow us to deliver the best solutions which are tailor-made for our clients’ unique needs.

Our company’s profile is characterized by four assets:
- The experience in the field.
- The high competence of our staff, in which teamwork plays an important role.
- A continuous dialogue with ship owners, charterers etc.
- A close and carefully selected network of reliable partners.

Careers on cruise ships are some of the most challenging and interesting careers in the hotel industry. Are YOU ready to embark in a hotel career journey? We are happy to welcome to our ship’s crew skilled, talented personnel with experience in the hotel industry.