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On 28th of March we invite you at Sala Palatului for the 12th edition of TechTalks Bucharest.

Key facts about this edition:

 4 Conferences on Machine Learning and AI, Web and Mobile, Smart Everything and JAVA&Security.

 6 Interactive TechLabs suitable for juniors and not only, treating topics such as Automotive, Q&A and Testing, DevOps, BigData, Telecommunication, Product Management.

 It's free of charge because all good things in life should be free.

You can attend any speech that you are interested into from any Conference or TechLab, just pay attention to the beginning hours to avoid overlapping them when you register.

 You have the chance to be a part of one of the greatest IT communities!

The event targets not only the innovations of various subdomains of the Tech world, but also the latest projects of top companies operating at national and international level.

If you have ever encountered a situation that seemed impossible during your work, now you have the chance to find the answer straight from a specialist.

"A lesson learned should be a lesson shared" and this is the reason our speakers accepted our invitation.
How about you? Will you accept it?

Plug your charger and GET READY to connect to the latest IT news @ TechTalks Bucharest!



11:35 - 12:20
14:50 - 15:35

Functional Safety – Safety Of The Intended Functionality and ISO26262
Going from electronical system failures to intended functionality & Finding the common ground between System Availability and Safety.

Cirstea Francisc Gabriel



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