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Opportunities, impact and a self-driven career development at Accesa

Part of The Ratiodata Group, Accesa is a leading technology company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, with offices in Zurich, Oradea and Munich. Over the past 17 years, we have been establishing ourselves as an employer of choice for IT professionals who are passionate about problem-solving through technology and want to have a measurable impact through their work.

In November last year we joined the Ratiodata Group, a key brand in the Volksbank & Raiffeisenbank IT delivery structure, and, together with our sister company RARo, we provide a complete digital evolution journey for our customers, from hardware to software and managed services solutions, for both regulated and non-regulated industries.

From developing new functionalities for existing products, to the modernisation or migration of systems and full-cycle software development, we use technology to have a positive impact on the way we work, live, and do business. We value the courage to ask and understand, explore and develop the solutions that have a real impact; the people who work for us, those who work with us, and those who use the platforms and systems we engineer; the insight to know the right thing to focus on and commit to the actions that ensure we are capitalising on it; the progress made through the consistent development of ourselves, our connection to each other, our clients, and the trust we consistently nurture throughout all our collaborations.

“ We have a strong focus on engineering proficiency and accountable leadership, but also on human connection, authenticity and care. By caring for the solutions we build, the people we build them for and the impact they deliver, we are nurturing a people-first culture that provides our colleagues with fulfilling career opportunities and consistent professional growth. This translates into a higher degree of autonomy, which enables our colleagues to partner with our clients as consultants, delivering a measurable impact for businesses and their hundreds of thousands of customers.” – Cristina Puiu, Chief People Officer, Accesa and RARo

We support our customers’ technology stacks and respond to the increasing demand we’re seeing in both core areas like Java, .NET,  Web Technologies, Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and niche ones like AI, RPA and RSA Archer. This approach enables us to create the professional development opportunities that ensure our people thrive and that we deliver the top-of-the-line solutions that help our partners’ businesses evolve.

We are proud to be part of our customers’ digital transformation journey, and our people and problem-solving oriented mindset enable us to translate complex challenges into effective digital solutions on a daily basis. This translates into a 5* customer experience, ensured by both our technical expertise, and our consultancy-driven approach that enables us to build long-term, rewarding partnerships.

We support our colleagues’ professional development through various trainings, webinars, as well as learning and development programmes, such as Igniting Leadership, a large scale organisational programme that helps current and future leaders rise to the challenge of being effective leaders every single day or IT Consultants Academy, which aims to develop the communication & knowledge transfer skills required for our colleagues to proactively translate their technical expertise into a business-focused context. From Cloud, Java and RPA to Data & AI, we nurture communities of specialists in 13 different technical areas, driving professional growth and expertise in each one. Our Competence Areas are a network-like work environment that allows people to collaborate, develop functional expertise in order to create valuable solutions and become true subject matter experts.

A good starting point in Accesa is represented by our yearly internship programmes, where thanks to the commitment of dedicated senior mentors, providing both theoretical and practical insights, the technology enthusiasts who join our various internships are able to enjoy a rewarding learning experience. As part of the internships, they experience working on challenging projects, in an agile environment, to understand business challenges and learn to harness technology to effectively respond to them. As a result, 90% of our interns continue their journey as full-time members of the Accesa team.

As part of the journey, we provide our people with the freedom to take full ownership of both projects and initiatives, which enables us to drive our career development, ensure personal growth, and consistently do great work that matters. Through this approach, we’re able to thrive as professionals, as well as individuals.

“For me, working in a people-oriented company that supports professional development is essential. Having the freedom to define my own career path means I can do much more than just deliver projects using SAP Commerce Cloud. In 2018, together with a few passionate colleagues, we founded SAP Commerce Cloud Academy, something I had really been interested in doing for years. In only 5 months, we developed a training programme with multiple phases, a lot of practical sessions and reviews, focused on all the areas within the SAP Commerce Cloud platform. From interns to colleagues with previous Java experience, anyone can join. On the long-term, the programme doesn’t just improve our SAP Commerce Cloud technical proficiency but allows us to successfully go through a much steeper learning curve, as engineers. The feedback from everyone who’s gone through the SAP Commerce Cloud Academy has been very positive and I’m excited about expanding it in the future.” – Alex Boga, Technical Lead

We are committed to developing authentic connections within our community, as well as with our clients, investing in building long-term, trust-based collaborations, that help businesses and people embrace flexibility, adaptability and evolution within their digital journey.

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