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Axway - Make your move

We are a software company whose main focus now is developing Axway AMPLIFY™, our groundbreaking hybrid integration platform that enables enterprises to seamlessly connect their people, systems, customers and ecosystems using industry-leading API, SaaS, Cloud, MFT, B2B, and Content Collaboration solutions. AMPLIFY provides the critical capabilities to build, deploy, run and govern end-to-end collaboration, integration and APIs at ecosystem scale quicker and safer than ever before.

Products and solutions integrated in this hybrid platform:

API Management, which reduces time-to-market process for companies, from months to weeks for new applications and services, with minimal disruption and maximum security.

API-enabled Managed File Transfer leverages existing investments to help reduce costs, save time, and better align with business needs.

Content Collaboration/EFSS or Syncplicity empowers users to be productive, mobile and safe, so they can freely collaborate and communicate, on any device, at any time.

B2B &EDI Integration enables our customers to add new communication channels and to develop new use cases for B2Bi and App integration.

Analytics, embedded, mobile or industry, can help customers optimize service levels, improve the customer experience and grow new digital services.

Accounting Integration is a secure solution for managing, automating and optimizing the data transformation and integration process between business applications and financial information systems.

Axway’s iPaaS Application Integration solution is used for C-to G (cloud-to-ground), C-to-C (cloud-to-cloud), and even G-to-G (ground-to-ground) integrations, making real-time connectivity extremely simple.

Mobile app development solution is everything a customer needs to create native mobile apps. It allows clients to write in JavaScript, create and run fully native apps everywhere, reuse code across multiple platforms, integrate with existing continuous delivery system and quickly design prototypes with full reuse in production app.

For each and all of these products we also offer customers:

Consulting Services, a professional team, configuring and implementing specific cases using Axway products for our final established customers and helping ease the transition to the cloud.

Support Services, a team of friendly and passionate engineers who are assisting Axway customers in English, French or German while manifesting a genuine interest for their experience. They are offering advanced technical support on our products (and the related Operating Systems) by resolving issues that may occur during installation, configuration, usage and administration of our software solutions.

Subscriptions & Maintenance Renewals Support Services, our colleagues who protect our recurring revenues (Subscriptions & Maintenance) and grow our customers through expansion, driving good customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We have a different approach to technology innovation, doing our best to transform disparate data systems and services into a simple and seamless digital experience for the customer. Our AMPLIFY platform joins the best of on-premises and cloud integration to enable unprecedented collaboration capability and equip today’s mobile workers and consumers with real-time access to powerful apps and tools.

What Axwegians stand for

We strive to work more effectively across teams, departments, and geographies in pursuit of common goals by dedicating ourselves to mutual trust, empathy and transparency.

Empowerment & accountability
We have clear, achievable objectives, and are trusted to achieve them in our own way, to be supported in our efforts, and to share responsibility for the outcomes.

Customer centricity
We focus our efforts on the needs of our customers, prompting us to create a mutually beneficial and positive experience before and after the sale to maximize value and drive loyalty.

Continuous improvement
We try to do one thing every day better than we did it the day before. We will study our actions to understand and show how others can benefit from what we learn. We will track our progress to ensure our actions align with our common goals.

Are we the right match for your future?

Aside from a great company culture that feels as local as it is global, the things that attract the most talented individuals to Axway include our unique company pedigree and multi-cultural exposure, as we originated in France, maintained a U.S. headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and have offices in 18 countries that allow us to service customers in over 100 countries. You will have exposure to multi-cultural teams and grow with colleagues spread across 6 continents, while having a small company feel that embraces your personality as much as your talent. You’ll be part of a family where your voice counts.

As part of Axway, you’ll pursue your goals for professional and personal growth alongside the most capable, inventive, and dedicated minds in data integration technology. You’ll exchange ideas with a culturally rich global community of over 1,800 members who connect remotely or show up onsite in virtually every time zone on the planet. And you’ll have the support and camaraderie of your Axway leadership and colleagues to serve as a reminder that you’re not alone on your journey, and that every day, you’ve taken one more step forward.

Our internal mobility program and our global presence which creates opportunities for geographical mobility within Axway subsidiaries, will help you make the best use of your talents and offer unique opportunities to grow and succeed within the company. There are good reasons why good people stay with Axway for over 7 years on average. And another one of these reasons is the fact that the company invests in developing your skills. Our Axway University is your key to advancing personal, professional and company growth, alongside with our other benefits:
  • A personal development plan (technical, product & functional) in order to insure your integration and your performance
  • Competitive remuneration package and real benefits (meal tickets, medical and dental insurance, gym access, Bookster,
  • Amazon E-library, Safari, team-buildings, Christmas Party, Fun Day, Fruit Day etc)
  • French classes to improve your language skills
  • Flexible working hours when need
  • Work from home policy – 5 days/month
  • Extra paid vacation days - 25 days/year
  • Potential for growth in an international company
  • Friendly working environment with experienced professionals
  • Open games area – table tennis, drums, sports and more!

We are not in Pipera, you can find us near Tineretului Park!

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