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Spy @ Axway

Just got here. Tineretului, not a bad location. Got lost twice, I’m late, I’m never late. Comfy chair I thought. Good, it helps with my nerves. Thank God I didn’t have to go to Pipera.. again. 4 interviews this week and all 3 in Pipera? I can’t take the subway that way again. There was a new type of fishy smell on it last time (maybe a bit too gross). Being a Java developer doesn't give you that much mobility in Bucharest.

Great coffee. Awful selection of teas. Who gets sea buckthorn tea?!

Oh, the recruiter is here. I was worried I was too late. Going to the other floor it is! Great relaxing area. Ohh drums, why are there drums here?

Cool open spaces. I wonder if there are any free ones near the windows. Boy, that guy is giving me a nasty look. Possessive much of your ficus? Hello there cutie, how you doin’?

We are starting!

Yes, I got here ok. A little bit on the run, mixed up a street.

Oh, what do I know about the company? Well, if I am to be completely honest! Mostly what I talked about with the redhead recruiter from the job fair. Company that does secure transfer of data, I haven’t worked in this specific field but I researched it a little and it’s actually interesting. Offices in 18 countries, so i am guessing i will be working with people from different nationalities (secretly hoping I can understand their English with whatever accent it might come).

Oh and I love your motto, “To go quickly, go alone. To go far, go together.” At my last company it was every man from himself, I miss working as a team and focus on the actual task instead of what my coworker is doing.

Other than that. I am excited to find out. Tell me!

Well, I know you work in Java, I took the online test, and I obviously rocked at it!

What? I scored a little bit over half of the score? You won’t believe how tired I was that night! Funny story.. But.. uhm.. Maybe for another time.

Hm, what challenges did I face? Apparently your Java test! Damn think of another answer, quick.. Quick.. Quick.. Okay this is taking way too long I’ll just go with the Dave story.

Ugh I am bored, let’s get to the benefits! Gym membership you say, who knows, maybe me and the gym will be friends this time. We should if I am going to be this close to a Dristor Kebab. And to the pasta and pizza from Presto. Discount you say? For that many restaurants? Yes, I get the gym membership now. Did you say inside and outside pool? My new bundle of food joy is gonna like that!

Bookster, cool.. cool.., O’reilly Safari.. Even better. Development plan, great, God knows I need it. Damn, go back to playing it cool.

Private medical insurance (jackpot), meal tickets, of course who doesn’t have those by now. Annual team-building, Fun Day, Christmas party, hm did i hear open bar? Summer Ice Cream day, Weekly Fruit Day. It shall do.

Still waiting to be impressed?
Oh, 25 vacation days per year and 5 work from home days per month? Flexible hours you say? These people may know about my ability to sleep over my alarm clock.

Ready for the technical interview? Same day? They are moving faaaast. At least I don’t have to come to another million steps interview.

Hm, so that would be my boss. Did he just make fun of my jacket? Not cool bro. Against the bro code when there is a girl in the room.

Oh I know that guy! I saw him at Code Camp, he was one of the speakers. His name waaasss…. Good moment to not remember! Ohh, that sounds about right. You talked about Agile right? You were okay. I like your vibe.

Auch! Did I just.. Got shot? Oh you guys are having a Nerf competition! I love those! Everybody in the company is playing something? Fun day? What is Fun day? And everybody in the company gets paid to play one whole day?  What other games do you have? Catan (never understood the rules), chocolate workshop (well I can always eat, that’s for sure), Counter, heck yeah, chess tournament.. What do you mean nobody beats that guy? Ha.. I’m sure it’s not that hard, I can pull out some old tricks. I liked that guy, the Nerf organiser dude, from the support department. He’s the manager? I can definitely see myself working with him.

He showed me a video with the CEO. Playing the drums at the Christmas Party. Apparently they have a band, not a bad one, that’s what’s with the drums. I wonder how often the ping pong ball hits the drums.

This was not that bad. 2 hours and done. Turns out I shouldn’t have been nervous. They said they will contact me in a few days with an answer and then just go to sign the contract. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Why did I just say that.. I never liked that saying.

I forgot what way I am supposed to go. Again.

 We are not in Pipera, you can find us near Tineretului Park!

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