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Happiness at work – myth or reality?

If you were to think of a working environment that would suit your needs, how would that be? No, we are not talking here about dream places, so if your mind already travels to a sunny beach in Bali, kindly ask you to wake up. If you were to work in a multinational company with a multicultural spirit, which were your requisites?

Seeing the workplace as a social hub

At DB Schenker GBS (SGBS), we are a community of more than 1000 people young at heart. Given the fast-paced century that we are experiencing, they see their office as a place where people take accountability for their daily work, but also as a social center where they feel comfortable spending 1/3 of the day.

Besides the facilities that SGBS’ office provides (just a few hints: massage and nap room, recreation areas and so much more), they think that the place where you work should give you increased social interaction. This way, the probability to enjoy waking up to go to work will be higher. Plus, you will become more productive.

Xbox Corner                                                           Nap Room                                                         Massage Room

It’s so WoW… Lab!

Throughout the years, SGBS has been taking into consideration employees’ needs and lifestyle preferences and put them into a well-being program: Working on Well-being Laboratory (WoW Lab). What was identified from the surveys and focus groups with employees was the need for enhancing the already existing well-being behaviors, activities and events.

The current objective of WoW Lab is to increase our colleagues’ overall satisfaction by encouraging them to adopt a healthy, balanced lifestyle, as well as engaging them to into learning while having fun activities.

People helping other people

WoW Lab is an inclusive program developed by the team members for the team members. Through their involvement, both as ambassadors and participants, employees are actively engaged in designing new traditions. No matter their job title or department, colleagues are the “magicians” behind SGBS’ wellbeing initiatives. Thanks to them, SGBS is a large community working and learning, but also feeling good while doing activities meant to increase the engagement and level of satisfaction.

What’s so WoW about it?

At least once per month, SGBS team prepares a mix of workshops, cultural and social activities based on… a secret formula. Some of the most covered topics are: thematic events (ex: European Language Day, National Accountant Day, Cultural Day etc.), bake sales, social responsibility initiatives, personal growth, eco-friendliness, sports & nutrition, relaxation.

They hosted workshops about perfect spots for bird watching in Danube Delta and curiosities about our urban ecosystems, learned mindfulness techniques, had a great time playing with soap bubbles, organized debates about openness and acceptance, as well as the necessity to remain curios all the time.

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