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Enel is here to change the world. Will you join us on this journey?

Imagine a world where your devices charge automatically at the point in the middle of the night when energy is cheapest; mobility is electric; lighting reacts to your movements; high-speed Internet reaches rural areas; and everybody is a producer of energy.

The energy sector is undergoing tremendous transformations, as the technological disruptions transform the way we will fuel our cars, heat our homes and power our industries in the next decades. More than half of the greatest technological disruptions of the past years are related to energy or can be used in energy: Perovskite solar cells, blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, batteries, 2D materials and autonomous vehicles.

Enel has been included in Fortune’s prestigious “Change the World” list, a ranking of the top businesses in the world making a positive social impact through activities that are an integral part of their business strategy and operations.

Enel's aim, as a leading energy company, is to play a critical role in tackling climate change and its impact on people’s lives. We do not want just to be a part of the energy transition but to lead the energy transition.

Do you want to change the world with us? Here are a few tips to get you started

Right competences and attitudes are the key for building a more sustainable world. We need your enthusiasm, your meaningful experiences and stories. This is why our selection process goes beyond the CV and formal job requirements.

Of course, we value your qualifications and skills. However, your passions, talents and aspirations are also important to us and that’s why we evaluate them during your recruiting journey.

We have a few simple tips to prepare for our selection process and experience it in the best possible way.

Be Yourself

Let us see who you are, your story, the obstacles you tackled, your failures and goals. Share your opinions with us about the world and the people living in it. Be sincere and open in presenting your strengths, experiences, passions, and aspirations.

Be Convincing

Tell us who you are in a creative way, don’t limit yourself, but convince us that you are willing to bring your imagination within our Company.

Be Curious

Find out who we are, what we do, how we work. We could be starting a long journey together, with new opportunities and challenges. The right travel companions are crucial to our open journey.

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