MOOD: We are the ones playing music for you

Remember the last time you danced in a supermarket or while shopping for clothes? We are the ones playing that music for you. Mood Media is the global leader in Elevating Customer Experiences: combining sound, sight, scent, social media and mobile solutions to create greater emotional connections between brands and consumers.

When you join our team, we guarantee your shopping life will forever change: by default, you will first check out the sound system or the screens before your shopping session or your dinner. This is the side effect of Mood :) You will learn about the technology behind the ambiance.

We are proud to work with the world’s biggest brands. And we are proud of the teams that make all of this happen: Mood people around the world, over 1700 employees, in over 30 countries.

Romania is Mood’s Service Center, providing support for Mood Europe and Mood U.S. We have multiple and diverse departments, so you can be sure to find your match, according to your skills: IT, Software, Credit Control, In-Store Messaging, Data-Entry, Client Support with English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish.

This is why this article is in English: we are an international company and we have international colleagues in our Bucharest office.
We started with 20 people in 2000 and we are 300 in 2017. A lot of our colleagues have been with Mood for the past 10 years. When we say we are a family, it’s not a cliche. And you will also hear us talk about “the Mood spirit” when we talk about our teams. It has become a state of mind to define ourselves as part of the Mood world.

What is The Mood Spirit? Some of our colleagues share their thoughts. The rest are waiting to tell you in person. Join our team!

Raluca Focșăneanu - German Support Representative

October 2016 was my first contact with Mood at the “Angajatori de Top” Job Fair. I loved their booth, there were so many people there! When I got home, I visited the website and applied for a job as a Client Service Representative with German. I went to the interview and, while I was taking a tour of the office, one of my future colleagues from the German team welcomed me with a charming smile - that’s when I knew Mood was the place for me! So why Mood? Because you find people who sometimes trust you more than you do. Because sometimes it’s like working with old friends. Because a colleague who helps you might also get you a chocolate after :)

Bogdan Mărginean - Client Support Supervisor

If you are looking for a cool job and you are interested in technology, Mood may be the right place for you. Come join our team! Mood’s work environment offers us the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and to grow on a professional and also on a personal level. The 8 years I’ve been working at Mood have also been a journey of self-discovery.

Monica Dobrescu - Trainer

From my first contact with Mood in 2014, even during the interview, I was drawn by the friendly and relaxing work environment. Since I started working at Mood, I found out what it feels like to work without counting down the days until the end of the week. Mood is the place where I have been given trust and where I feel I can show my true potential.
I like working here because I like what I do, well, giving it a second thought, I love what I do, because I have managed to grow throughout this time and because my work colleagues have become my friends.
I believe Mood is the place where you can constantly overcome your limits and get inspired by the people around you. All these things really make me have a great MOOD:

Filip David Mot - Tier 2 Support Engineer

My journey with Mood started on 4 April 2016. Since then, my career also started to take off. I was hired as a Call Center Agent for the Italian customers, now I am working as Tier 2 Online Support. I have also found at Mood great and valuable people, who have many things to teach me. Mood is definitely the place where I fit in and also, the company that offers opportunities to all of us.

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