The 6-Step Plan to Getting Hired at Oracle

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Here are some of the job openings at Oracle:

Oracle Summer School

Part-Time Internship in Deal Management – German Speakers

EMEA Recruitment Administrative Assistant

Operations Business Analyst

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Be prepared when meeting the company’s professionals: read their 6 Step Plan to Getting Hired at Oracle!
If you’re an aspiring candidate for a multicultural brand such as Oracle, with thousands of available opportunities around the globe, knowing what steps to take in order to stand out from the crowd may seem a difficult quest filled with a hurricane of variables: line of business, hiring manager, required skill sets and so on. However, the good news is that there are some general steps you can take in order to start getting your feet wet with this journey.

Here are a few ideas to consider when you suit up to apply for Oracle:

Step 1: Share your story & get social 

Engaging on social media to get in touch with the latest updates about a company is no fresh news to most candidates, but even so, many of them are not making the best out of these resourceful channels. Oracle is always using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep candidates posted with news and even if some updates may not include information on job opportunities, they serve as a tool for you to get an inside scoop of the real culture and people behind the brand.

Step 2: Search. Select. Apply

Finding the right job at Oracle involves some digging. The no. 1 candidate mistake is to apply for several roles at once, regardless of them being close to the respective candidate's skill set or not. The truth is, applying for a ton of unrelated jobs to your true knowledge doesn’t necessarily show you’re interested in the brand, but rather not focused in your career.

Step 3: Use your resume to pitch your achievements

Oracle recruiters will always engage with candidates that have well written and on-point resumes. So if you’re working on your application, either in a CV format or on Taleo, make sure you compile all your professional accomplishments and include measurable results.  If you’re a fresh graduate, make sure you highlight your academic background, soft skills and extra-curricular activities – volunteering included. The faster the recruiter can identify these elements, the sooner your phone will start ringing with interview meetings.

Step 4: Do your homework

Entering an interview without doing your company research properly is much like trying to get into the backstage of a band you’re not even listening to. Weird, right? So before you engage in the conversation, make sure you thoroughly research the Oracle line of business you’ll be working for. You’re also heading towards a great start if you research the profile of your recruiter or the hiring manager. And don’t overlook job descriptions either – make sure you didn’t miss out on certain job requirements and that you won’t be taken by surprise at the interview when being asked about them.

Step 5: Find what you need to improve

Whether you’ve nailed your interview or not, every application should give you an insight on what you need to improve – whether it’s your skills, or the way you sell yourself as a candidate. If you’re applying for a technical job and failed the online test, learn from this experience and give it another try. If you haven’t been approached for a conversation by our recruiters, maybe you need to start working on social storytelling on your channels. LinkedIn remains a useful tool to attracting recruiters, so ensure you’ve got a complete profile, a relevant picture and recommendations from previous employers.   

Step 6: Don’t give up

Not getting hired on your first try shouldn’t be a reason for you to abandon future Oracle opportunities. At times you might not be a good fit for the job, or the job may not be a good fit for you, but if you’re truly passionate about your work and strive to be part of our organization, your perseverance will not go unnoticed. Enter the mobile game and keep your eyes on our social channels, website and don’t miss out on job seeking platforms such as Glassdoor.

Sometimes, the world of job seeking may feel like a job itself. But the truth is, if your journey is about landing the right job, instead of just another job, maybe the waiting and searching is all worth it in the end.