Veeam - In 2016 and 2017 we plan to hire a few hundred people to join our growing Bucharest Team


Veeam is participating at Angajatori de TOP (14-15 October) with exciting opportunities in Sales, Renewals, Marketing and Business Operations for young, talented, creative and motivated people.

Here are some of the opportunities available at Veeam Software in Romania:

Business Development Manager Benelux

Inside Sales Associate France

Renewals Representative (English language)

                                            SALESFORCE CRM DEVELOPER (JAVA / C#)


Explore the career opportunities at Veeam Software!

How would you describe Veeam Software in numbers?

Founded in 2006, Veeam currently has 37,000 ProPartners and more than 183,000 customers worldwide. In 10 years Veeam has grown exponentially and now has more than 2,000 employees, has developed an award-winning portfolio of innovative solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On EnterpriseTM. 

If you were to choose 4 attributes that best describe you as an employer, what would those be?

Veeam is fast growing company, developing employees, success-oriented and creating innovative solutions which enable the Always-On Enterprise.

What are the aspects that define the Veeam Software’s culture and how do those aspects influence the employee’s profile in the recruiting process?

Veeam grew fast and became successful, because we were a step ahead: in product development, in marketing, in sales… in thinking. And we would like to work with employees who want to be a step ahead, who are not afraid of change and who are ready to explore new areas and to learn constantly.
Our company culture is like a baseball team. Every Veeamer understands how he can contribute to the company success – to be fast, to compete to win, to be a team player but to understand his personal impact, to welcome new ideas not suffering from analysis paralysis, to try new ideas, sometimes make mistakes, to learn from those and go further achieving the targets.
We have Veeam Core Values which reflect our business approach and corporate team spirit: Veeam Speed, Compete to Win, Veeam Team, Conversations from the Heart, Innovate & Iterate, Everyone Sells. The most of the values should coincide with an employee personal goals and way of life, that`s what we’re trying to learn during the hiring process.

What does the Veeam Software’s recruiting process consist in? How can a future candidate get ready for the process?

Veeam Software’s recruiting process consists of several stages depending on the position for which the candidate applies, and each candidate will have different types of interviews.
In terms of how to prepare for a Veeam interview, it is really the same as preparing for any interview:
  1. Get ready to solve interesting tasks.
  2. To be prepared for an interview for each role it’s important to learn about Veeam before the interview.
  3. Please read the job description and responsibilities carefully. We want you to clearly understand what is expected of you in the new role.
  4. Please know your CV/ resume. It’s important to come prepared to talk about your work background and experiences.
  5. Tell us why you want to join our team and prove why Veeam should make you an offer! 

What would you advise a fresh graduate that wishes to work for Veeam Software? Moreover, what would you advise a professional that wishes to work for Veeam Software?

My most important advice to each candidate - be ready to dive into a huge amount of new information!  Veeam is an international and fast growing company with ambitious goals and unique tasks.  For graduates who wish to join this exciting organisation, I would tell them to be ready for new challenges and use your full potential towards achieving your goals.  My general advice: don’t wait for things to happen - take control and drive your career to where you want it to be.


In what areas does Veeam Software operate and what are the most frequent positions for each area? (e.g. juniors, seniors, managers)

With headquarters in Baar (Switzerland), Veeam has more than 20 offices and 2,000+ employees all over the globe. The office in Bucharest is to become one of the biggest Veeam hubs in Europe with several hundreds of employees in different departments. The office expansion will join the regional headquarters for EMEA in Paris, the Americas in Columbus, Ohio and Asia Pacific in Sydney.  In 2016 we plan to hire few hundred people in Romanian office, opening entry-level jobs, vacancies for middle-specialists, seniors and managers.

What are the most interesting or uncommon carrier opportunities one can meet at Veeam Software?

Being a part of Veeam Dream Team you can always use internal opportunities of growth and self-development.
Joining Veeam Software as a specialist in one filed does not mean that other fields are closed for you. Internal rotation and possibilities to move from one department to another are quite common.
As a truly international company we are providing our employees with possibilities of travelling or relocation to one of our 20+ offices all around the globe.
We are obviously interested in development and promotion of our team and have 100+ employees promotions every 6 months! Moreover, if you are interested in some very particular filed of your sphere - go ahead! Lead this direction, become an expert and develop your own team working on it!
Visit our career page to read more success stories of our employees!

What are the defining elements that make Veeam Software different than other companies?

“Good things happen to those who act” - this is all about Veeam. We have a bias towards action. If we have an idea we cannot wait for proving it. We move fast to achieve the goals trying out new approaches and ideas. Sometimes not all of the ideas work, but we try, we may accept mistakes but we try again and finally find the best way to succeed.


What is the most unusual benefit an employee can get at Veeam Software? (trainings and courses included)

We provide employees the opportunity to experience the world as part of their work.Both Sales and Marketing employees get to participate at Veeam’s big events all over the world (e.g. VeeamON, VeeamON Forum etc.) and tis provides our teams with an opportunity to experience new cultures and meet people from a myriad of industries and roles.

What are the most interesting/important projects currently undergoing in your company?

At a local level, we are incredibly excited about building a team of smart, talented and dedicated professionals, looking to make an impact in the fascinating and upbeat world of IT. To insure this dream comes true by the end of the year, we have launched an Employer Branding campaign involving universities, student associations and other Veeam events, aimed to identify the future members of our Dream Team. Our grand opening event that took place in June celebrated new beginnings, an impressive and fun new office and an unbeatable group of go getters who decided to take their career to the next level. After only 2 month, in September, we celebrated our 200 colleague joining our office and we don’t stop here. We are now developing The Veeam Ambassadors Program, a one of a kind project where Veeamers can work together to create their future path, select their social events and decide on the next key topics ready to be implemented inside the Bucharest office.

On a business level, the Bucharest office will become a Marketing and Sales Hub, supporting global business initiatives and insuring the success of our products and services. We are taking big strides towards becoming the #1 Data Management Company in the world, while continuing to be part of the most impactful technology revolutions.

Explore the exciting career opportunities available at Veeam Software at Angajatori de TOP Bucuresti, at Sala Palatului between the 14th -15th of October!