Intel Romania: This year we are planning to hire engineers for the most cutting-edge projects

Come and meet Intel Romania’s professional team at Angajatori de TOP Bucharest this spring! You have the chance to find out all about Intel’s recruiting plans and their internship programs. Bring your CV and take the first and most important steps in order to obtain the career you have always dreamed of!

Tell us about Intel in Romania, how is it structured and what type of profiles are you usualy looking to recruit?

Intel Romania Software Development Center is constantly growing due to the high quality of Romanian engineers. This year we are planning to hire several dozens of engineers to work for the most cutting-edge projects, connected with Internet of Things, Cloud technologies, Big Data, performance optimization. We will be looking for engineers with different level of experience –from students for internships to experienced leaders. Beyond engineering experience and knowledge we need people who are passionate about what they are doing, easily learn new things and are not afraid of changes and stepping out of the comfort zone – these would be the main non-technical skills that help employees become successful at Intel.

This days it is a fierce competition among tech employers for talent. Why would an IT&C junior or professional choose Intel?

Intel is a great place for an IT&C junior or professional because working here gives greatest opportunities for ongoing professional growth, as you will be constantly dealing with newest, most advanced technologies. Also, Intel provides very comfortable working conditions and an attractive compensation package, which includes on top of monthly salary regular bonuses and company stock.

We are also organizing a technology meetup in our office on March 26, as we want to showcase some of the technologies we are working with, and share our knowledge with engineers who are passionate about new technologies – so come and learn a lot of interesting things! You will not regret it!

What are the programs organised by Intel Romania for students and graduates?

1. Graduate Internships 

Intel Romania's Graduate Internship Program hires students enrolled in their last year of their Bachelor program or in their Master’s program. The program is designed to give students real-world experience and improve their technical and soft skills.

Interns at Intel are fully integrated members of the teams they join, with opportunities to apply their ideas to challenging, hands-on projects. Participants become familiar with Intel culture and products via in-house training, as well as group activities.

The Benefits

Intel Romania internship benefits include:
  • Competitive compensation
  • An opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on industrial experience
  • Excellent training in the latest technologies
  • A chance to develop strong communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills
  • The ability to relate and apply knowledge gained to the remainder of schoolwork
  • An inside view of Intel's work environment
  • A chance to make more informed choices about career direction
  • Opportunities to meet and network with Intel managers regarding future career 
2. Summer Internships

Each year, Intel Romania organizes the Intel Summer Experience Program which offers a 3 month internship for 2nd and 3rd year students. Students have the opportunity to get to experience Intel’s culture and exciting hands-on projects. The Intel Summer Experience Program is designed to engage software engineering students early in their college careers and expose them to real world applications and challenges.

Through mixing learning activities such as trainings, group activities and workshops, interns have the opportunity to develop their soft skills and to increase their technical knowledge. An important role in this program is played by a designated mentor, who guides the intern through the entire experience.

The benefits of this internship program include:
  • Competitive compensation
  • Guidance by a trained mentor
  • Fun events: group exercises, team-building activities
  • Excellent in-house training on soft skills (presentation skills, project management)
  • An opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on industry experience
  • A chance to make more informed choices about personal career direction
  • Opportunities to meet and network with Intel managers regarding future career 

3. Scholarships

Intel Romania grants scholarships every year to outstanding students from selected universities, academic colleges, and technical colleges throughout the country. We are committed to encouraging outstanding students to engage in university programs and work towards their graduation in projects relevant for the future of Information Technology.

About the program

The Intel Romania Scholarship Program is coordinated once a year through selected universities and colleges. It is designed to attract, encourage, and support the best students working on their Bachelor Graduation Projects.  Intel engineers provide mentoring and support to the students for the entire scholarship period.

Program objectives
  • Provide financial assistance to outstanding students
  • Increase retention in study programs related to Information Technology industry
  • Establish and strengthen relationships with selected universities
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