Eveniment fizic de cariera

Siemens Energy competence hub in Bucharest awaits great talents to play their role in the energy transition process

A great experience from day one. Siemens amazes every new employee. New colleagues already have access to all systems, enabling them to start their learning journey and doing their magic.

Help us shape the future of energy while you build your own

Technology alone won’t make the difference: it is our people and their passion for innovation. We need the power, the energy, and the force brought into future teams by open-minded young professionals.

La CGS România, friends working together este o realitate, nu doar un slogan

Friends working together este pentru noi mai mult decat o simplă deviză. Este modul în care privim job-ul și activitatea de zi cu zi. Suntem, astfel, peste 4.000 de prieteni uniți, atenți la nevoile celor din jur și dedicați.  

As an engineer at Siemens Energy, you’ll help unlock unthinkable potential in technology, business and society

Changing the future of energy is a gigantic task. And honestly, we can’t do it alone. There is a place for you at Siemens Energy, along with the right support to build your career.


Revista HR Manager organizeaza cu sprijinul Humanistic, in data de 27 Octombrie 2022, intre orele 14:00-17:00, editia a XV-a din seria de evenimente online FAST FORWARD. ORGANIZATIA VIITORULUI cu tema: THE DIGITAL HUMAN CULTURE TRANSFORMATION: THE FOUNDATION OF TOMORROW

Siemens Energy – an ideal place for young graduates with big dreams about sustainability. Roberto’s story

“Siemens Energy really is a great place to work. I’m challenged every single day with each project I work on providing an opportunity to stretch myself further. It’s a supportive working environment that really enables you to grow and thrive." says Roberto Ene, Siemens Energy graduate...

Cine sunt oamenii-poveste de la Top Talents?

Anul acesta, Top Talents Romania 2.0 creeaza ”the ultimate career conference experience”, in doua zile de eveniment menite sa dea start la cariera si restart la socializare.

Participi la workshopurile Angajatori de TOP si esti PREMIAT!

Workshopurile din cadrul evenimentului de cariera Angajatori de TOP revin in format fizic in Timisoara si Bucuresti, de aceea, toamna aceasta participi la experienta si poti pleca acasa cu un premiu foarte cool.

Autoevaluarea competentelor intr-o limba straina

Una dintre competentele care vor fi cautate in continuare de angajatori este cea legata de cunoasterea limbilor straine. De multe ori insa, desi candidatul cunoaste o limba straina la nivelul cerut de angajator, el nu reuseste sa se autoevalueze corect. Pentru...

Ai primit doua oferte de munca? Alege-o pe cea potrivita

Felicitari! Ai reusit sa obtii nu una, ci doua oferte de munca? Esti un adevarat guru al procesului de recrutare!