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Electrolux is an industry leader thanks to your commitment. Together, we’ve succeeded in building a company founded on trust, respect and care for the world around us. We turn to each of you to build our organization from within shaping our future, yet never forgetting our past.

Our history continues to inspire us and is something we should all be proud of. We have created breakthrough innovations. We have listened to our consumers and, as a consequence, the lives of people around the world have improved. With results in sharp focus, we have been successful.

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A mobile career

As a major international company, we believe moving among business divisions, functions and regions is an important part of a person’s career development. We have developed an internal system offering global access to all job openings within the company so that our employees can actively manage their careers by seeking out new opportunities.

Our credo, Thinking of you!

Everything you do at Electrolux is in one way or another related to making life easier for our customers. Our ability to innovate depends on our insight into, and our anticipation of, the needs and desires of the consumer.

At Electrolux, you are part of a global brand that is a recognized leader in kitchen and cleaning appliances. You have a hand in creating products that influence and improve the everyday lives of people around the world – products we develop specifically with the customer in mind.

Leave your footprint

It is a place where the entrepreneurial spirit lives on. You can effect change through enthusiasm and personal initiative. You have the power to influence and define your own future.

Embrace Thoughtfulness

At Electrolux, our Swedish heritage is reflected in our concern for the environment, respect for each individual and easy access to management. We believe in a flat organizational style- inclusion and care are cornerstones to our culture.

Global Strength

Your career can take any shape- possibilities are limitless. Our company spans across the world and covers a range of functions, everything from R&D to after sales. We encourage diversity because it feeds into the development of fresh ideas. And innovation is at the heart of Electrolux- it is our passion!



We believe in talent

We believe that talent, that our people and all their abilities and skills, is an asset. And like any other asset, it needs to be managed. When we talk about talent management, we’re referring to a systematic approach to promoting and developing all the talent within the Electrolux Group.  

Culture of excellence


Our aim is that Electrolux has a strong pool of outstanding people and a performance culture that strives for excellence. We believe this will lead to outstanding business results. To achieve this, we actively manage our talent assets. Through appraisal talks and talent reviews we evaluate our people and focus on their development. We strive to grow our people through challenging jobs, mobility, coaching, feedback, training, etc. It’s all about your development – and how you develop others.


Your evolution


Your contract shall be concluded for an unlimited period with a trial period of 3 months.

Local trainings will be conducted in the first few months and will be regular trips to Rothenburg - Germany.

You also have the opportunity to be promoted after periodic assessments based on objectives and performance.





Every day our employees invest a great effort to remain innovative, focused on Client desires and reach the desired results.  Read the  stories of our employees and find out what are their choices  and why they continue to work for Electrolux.

"How I started my journey: I joined the marketing department Floor Care and Small Applliances Europe in November 2006. My role as Marketing Controller mainly involved analyzing market development vacuums and small appliances, as well as the trends in Europe. I also had to monitor the market position  Electrolux Group has. The reason I stayed with Electrolux is because I consider it is an innovative company focused on customer needs and the working style is Swedish. These things inspired me to advance within the organization. In the near future, I want to explore various learning opportunities that Electrolux has to offer and accept new challenges in pursuing my career goals."

Irina Iordache,European Business Developer, Electrical Retail Channel for Major Appliances EMEA, Bruxelles


"I think every engineer career starts  because as a child you wanted to build robots. In college, my internship and graduation project took place at Electrolux. After I graduated, I was hired as an electrical engineer in a dishwasher unit from Kinston, USA. Now my job is to build robots. These robots don't have lasers and cannot fight criminals, but they are washing the dishes very well." John DeFilippi, Electronic Engineer, Sweden 



"If you are motivated, whatever challenges you face can be turned into great opportunities. Motivation is the most important factor to maintain my energy and innovation. Integrated solutions instead of traditional  ones motivates me and I want to achieve the best results."Sandeep Bhardwaj, Global IT Solution Architect, Great Britain



"Over the 13 years that I have worked with Electrolux, we were able to experience and learn many new things. Electrolux gives me the freedom to take risks, to innovate, to take responsibility and make improvements." Tarini Phimonsri, PR&Communications Manager, Tailanda



JOIN Electrolux Romania and be one of the 10 selected candidates! Satu Mare openings!


Electrolux Romania will help you develop your Engineering Knowledge while understanding the strategy and requirements of the business development.


This program will introduce you to Electrolux’s team in Romania through intensive training and regular trips to Rotenburg-Germany in order to learn the business.


Who are we looking for?


     - English speakers;

     - Electrical / electronic or mechanical degree or relevant experience;

     - smart, ambitious, serious and motivated people available to develop their professional skills


What are we offering?

     - Permanent employment contact right from the beginning of the program with a trial period of 3 months

     - The opportunity to benefit from working in R&D

     - Extensive training plan covering both hard and soft skills

     - International exposure

     - Relocation package in Satu Mare

The first step involves a selection based on CV and  aims to match the profile of the program.

This is followed by an interview that check your interest and motivation.



At Electrolux we share a common goal – to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. 
Our people work to reach this goal and they all contribute to the Group’s success. With a presence in more than 100 countries, Electrolux is a truly international company, which gives opportunities to succeed and professionally grow.

There are always opportunities at Electrolux, whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out. We encourage you to explore our open positions and apply  for any of the openings listed below.

We are waiting for your application till 21st of February!



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